Background Checks: NFL Lions Drop the Ball

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The Associated Press reported last week that Detroit Lions’ coach Matt Patricia had previously been indicted by a Texas Grand Jury for sexual assault.  

This news came as a surprise to the Lions’ management, who claimed to have performed a “standard pre-employment background check,” which failed to uncover the incident.  

At Kreller, we understand the necessity of getting a thorough investigation when making high profile hiring decisions. We research not only for criminal and civil records, but also for business affiliations, licensure and address history. We often find employers, business affiliations and legal incidents the applicant might not reveal on their application – or would not be found during a standard background check.   

Although Matt Patricia asserts his innocence against the accusation, and the case was eventually dismissed when it went to court 22 years ago – the NFL franchise that hired him probably wishes now that they had delved a little deeper into the candidate’s legal history*.   

If you are looking to make a major hiring decision, and want to proceed with increased confidence, please feel free to reach out to us at Kreller to discuss how we can help.  

*Assuming it was a reportable record under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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