Corporate Investigation Case Study

Kreller provides regulatory compliance services to assist companies and their internal ethics and corporate compliance officers in avoiding adverse transactions.

Due to the covert nature of the industry, client names are proprietary; however, the following case study represents a cross section of international corporate investigations recently conducted on behalf of Kreller clients.

Corporate Investigation Case Study

North America, Manufacturing

A multi-national corporation with subsidiaries in trade and manufacturing engaged Kreller to conduct a due diligence investigation on a third-party consultant. Reference inquiries were stellar, registration and licensure were clean and media research revealed no derogatory information on the consultant.

However, in-depth research regarding the consultant’s business affiliations revealed that he co-owned a sports facility with a family reportedly infamous in the local area for being involved in crime for decades.

One of the family members had been sentenced to prison for sexual abuse of minors and another charged with death threats and assault on more than one occasion, amongst other crimes. The principal, himself, had been charged with multiple vehicular offenses including two for Driving Under the Influence. As a result of our corporate investigation services, the client did not proceed with a consultancy contract with the third party.

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