M&A Due Diligence & Joint Venture Investigations

M&A Due Diligence & Joint Venture Investigations

Complex financial transactions necessitating M&A due diligence of the highest level can uncover potential liabilities to a successor or partner.

Companies are particularly vulnerable when the matter involves the purchase of or partnership with an overseas entity.

Our worldwide network of investigators and analysists provide due diligence consulting to enable potential buyers or partners to further evaluate, restructure or terminate a deal.

A standard M&A due diligence or Joint Venture checklist includes, but is not limited to: verification of corporate registration, financial research, identification of business, government and political affiliations, site visit with photographic verification, international media research, including media research on the company’s largest shareholders, legal filings research, including a criminal record check where publicly available, research with pertinent local regulatory agencies, and comprehensive government sanctions and watch list checks.

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