M&A Due Diligence Case Study

The case study below illustrates how Kreller serves its clients in partnership, joint venture investigations, and business m&a due diligence investigations.

Due to the covert nature of the industry, client names are proprietary; however the following case study represents a cross section of international M&A due diligence investigations recently conducted on behalf of Kreller clients.

M&A Due Diligence Case Study

Middle East, Gas & Oil

A major oil and gas exporter engaged Kreller to conduct a joint venture investigation in the Middle East. Local records and database research, as well as discreet inquiries within the business community, verified proper registration and adequate financial resources.

A court review revealed no criminal or civil records on senior management; however, during the course of reputational inquiries, the investigator noted that a vague insinuation was made regarding one of the company’s managers. Kreller investigators inconspicuously gathered more data, which turned up multiple red flags. Databases could not detect what investigators had – an ongoing money laundering operation within a senior manager’s business.

Consequently all business dealings were halted and the client company’s reputation and stock value were protected.

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