The Real Cost of FCPA Non-Compliance

The Real Cost of FCPA Non-Compliance

It’s no great secret there are major corporations that see the risk of FCPA non-compliance as “part of the cost of doing business.” However, the strategy of taking the chance – and paying the fines if caught – can be more financially damaging than expected.  

We recently researched the total cost of non-compliance for the past two years, and the stats are surprising. Here are some of the key takeaways from our findings:  

2017 FCPA Incompliance Fines/Costs:

          No. of Corporate Enforcement Actions brought by the DOJ             9 
·         No. of Corporate Enforcement Actions brought by the SEC              7
·         Criminal Fines Collected by SEC from FCPA Enforcement Actions    $289 Million
·         Criminal Fines Collected by DOJ from FCPA Enforcement Actions    $845 Million  

For 2018, there have already been 9 enforcement actions by the DOJ and SEC, with an estimated total of $997 million in fines.  

The regions most affected by these enforcement actions from 2017 to present are:

·         Latin/South America
·         Asia
·         Africa
·         Middle East
·         Europe  

And, as for the “non-compliance being the cost of doing business” approach, it might be thought-provoking to consider these Top 10 Largest Monetary Sanctions for Non-Compliance:

1.       Alstom S.A.                                                        $772 Million
2.       Societe Generale S.A.                                       $567 Million
3.       Siemens Akitengesellschaft                             $448 Million
4.       Kellogg Brown & Root LLC                               $402 Million
5.       BAE Systems PLC                                               $400 Million
6.       Siemens Akitengesellschaft (SEC)                 $350 Million
7.       Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.             $283 Million
8.       Telia Company AB, et al.                                   $274 Million
9.       Total, S.A.                                                            $245 Million
 10.       Technip, S.A.                                                       $240 Million  

At Kreller, we’ve found that when it comes to FCPA compliance, performing the proper due diligence is the better way to reduce the costs of doing business.

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